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DBP Coaching Session: Michelle J.

DBP Coaching Session: Michelle J. The start of 2018 kicked off with people ready to take their businesses to the next level! Whether it was entrepreneurs taking part in my $100 Headshot Event (stay tuned in the coming weeks for those blog posts!), people signing up for my DBP Brand Experience newsletters (you can sign...

DBP Coaching Experience

  DBP Coaching Experience March 18 officially kicked off The DBP Coaching Experience.  I actually had two sessions that weekend so I was super excited to get things started and get past the hump of having my initial sessions out of the way.  In case you weren’t aware I am now adding photography coaching sessions...

Photography Coaching Sessions

  I’m SUPER excited to announce the launch of my new coaching program!  I have toyed around with the idea of offering some sort of mentoring program for probably the last 6-8 months.  With each inquiry I would receive from a budding photographer wanting to shadow or assist me and “pick my brain” for information...

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