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Chianti In The Carolinas

Chianti In The Carolinas If you know anything about me you know that I love a good glass of red wine.  And one of my favorite things to do is to go wine tasting with great company.  It’s always fun to visit new vineyards and try several of their best wines.  And even though I’ve...

Styled Elopement Session | Charleston, SC

Styled Elopement Session | Charleston, SC   The final leg of our QPSC Takes Charleston trip found us at the gorgeous Battery on a chilly Sunday morning.  Upon arriving at our destination the scene had already been laid out for us by the amazing wedding planner and florist we partnered with to create this stunning...

When A Vision Becomes Reality

When A Vision Becomes Reality 2015 was my year of growing as a entrepreneur and stepping out to do things I’d never tried before.  I’m not big on networking (yes, I’m an introvert), but I wanted to meet others in my field and make real, genuine connections with them.  I came across the online movement...

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