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DBP Coaching Experience

  DBP Coaching Experience March 18 officially kicked off The DBP Coaching Experience.  I actually had two sessions that weekend so I was super excited to get things started and get past the hump of having my initial sessions out of the way.  In case you weren’t aware I am now adding photography coaching sessions...

Olivia B. Maternity Session | Rock Hill, SC

Olivia B. Maternity Session | Glencairn Garden I am so, so, so, so, so excited to be an auntie again!  There’s nothing quite like loving a child like your own, spending time with them, spoiling them rotten and then at the end of the day being able to send them back home with mom and...

Amberly B. | Glencairn Garden

Amberly B. | Glencairn Garden I love a good life celebration.  I’ve mentioned in my client blog posts before that you don’t have to have an occasion like graduation or a family to take professional photos.  Just celebrating another year of life and yourself is more than enough reason.  So I was elated to get...

Love Notes

February is the time for love.  It’s a time to give love and to receive it.  Remember the days when you would receive a handwritten love note from that special guy or girl in school and how wonderful it made you feel?  Or when your beau has roses delivered to your job unexpectedly?  Every time...

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