5 Ways To Rock Your Winter Session


5 Ways To Rock Your Winter Session

Everyone loves a good fall session.  The seasons are changing, the foliage colors are beautiful and the fashions are great!  But right around December to roughly March an on location photographer can pretty much hear crickets.  Unless you’re opting to shoot in the comfort of your home for a lifestyle session, most people do not want to venture into the bitter cold and bare outdoors.  Sometimes, however, it’s a necessary task so I’ve come up with 5 ways you can rock your session, even when you’re shivering!

  1. Layer yourself in warm (colorful!) clothing.  This is pretty much the only time of year where you won’t be competing with your background for attention.  Although I’m a huge fan of beautiful background colors that pop, sometimes it’s nice to have the sole attention on my clients and not everything else around them.  Shooting in the woods where all of the trees have lost their leaves?  Why not spruce things up with a gorgeous green ensemble or sapphire blue to make you stand out.  Or wearing bright red in a field filled with snow will radiate glamour and elegance.  This is your session so the focus should be on you!
  2. Add fun props like steaming cups of cocoa or coffee.  If you’re a fan of the Bux (aka Starbucks) or any cafe that you prefer, a great way to incorporate your love for it into your session would be to sip on a fresh cup of joe, tea or hot chocolate.  Not only will your session be more personal it will also be practical by keeping you warm for at least the first 15-20 minutes of your session.
  3. Snuggle up to the one you love with a comfy, cozy blanket.  I adore photos with couples and families all snuggled up against one another with a giant blanket.  It creates great moments between loved ones and makes for beautiful imagery.
  4. Schedule your session for late afternoon.  Since the sun sets a bit earlier in the winter months (typically around 5:00-5:30pm in the southern states) make sure to schedule your session around 3:30-4pm.  You’ll be getting the best light of the day and it’ll be more comfortable for you since the sun has had some time to warm things up a bit.
  5. If all else fails, move things indoors.  So none of the above appealed to you whatsoever?  That’s cool.  My suggestion then is to move your session into your home.  Like I mentioned above a lifestyle session showcasing yourself in your natural environment can be a super fun and unique way to capture you and your loved ones.  Bake cookies, cuddle up on the couch in your favorite pj’s and watch the magic unfold.

The winter months don’t mean a great session can’t happen.  Every season has it’s pros and cons and if you follow the tips above you can make beauty out of the dead of winter.  Think you might want to brave the temps and try a winter session?  Contact me so that we can discuss your needs!


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