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Why You Shouldn’t Add Filters To Your Professional Photos

  Why You Shouldn’t Add Filters To Your Professional Photos   We all LOVE a good filter, right?  Most of us don’t wake up being selfie ready and so adding on a filter is a quick fix to being able to upgrade your appearance or enhance an image that you share online.  It’s part of...

In Home Lifestyle Session Prep

  In Home Lifestyle Session Prep   If the thought of capturing a branding or family session inside of your home sounds intriguing but you have no idea where to start then you’ll definitely want to check out this IGTV video that I created to help you prep your home.  In home lifestyle sessions are...

Location! Location! Location!

  Location! Location! Location! We’ve all heard that saying before, right?  That when choosing real estate it’s all about picking the right location.  Well the same can be said for choosing the right location for your branding session.  While your background should never take away from you, the center of attention for your shoot, it...

Prepping Your Home (And Self) For A Lifestyle Session

Prepping Your Home For A Lifestyle Session     Have you ever considered doing an in-home lifestyle session, but didn’t think your home was photograph well?  In a world where we’re constantly bombarded with perfectly curated images and picture perfect living spaces it’s no wonder many feel that way.  But I’m here to tell you...

2017 Fall Mini Sessions Are Here!

2017 Fall Mini Sessions   It’s that time of the year again!  I eagerly anticipate my Fall Mini Sessions each year and this year I’m excited to announce a new location!  If you’re unsure if a mini session is right for you hop over to my blog post giving you all of the benefits of...

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