Bryce’s Cake Smash Session – Rock Hill, SC

Bryce’s Cake Smash Session – Rock Hill, SC

Cake smash sessions are some of my favorites!  Since I typically don’t work with very young children without their families also being included in the portraits these sessions provide me with a unique opportunity to do something a little different.  And because each child is unique, each cake smash session is therefore unique.

Mom, Tricia, and I opted to do the session in their home and with a little  guidance from me on props and backdrops we had a wonderful set up!  She had Bryce in the cutest birthday boy outfit and Bryce himself was in a great mood, which always makes children’s sessions go great.  As with most cake smash sessions I’ve done this is the first time the birthday boy (or girl) has had a taste of something sweet and it’s fun to watch them interact with the cake.  Bryce is the second smash session I’ve had where they want no (and I mean ZERO) parts of the cake!  Mom, dad, little brother, grandma and even I tried to get him to taste some of the sweet icing and dig his little fingers into the cake, but he wasn’t having any of it!  He did, however, manage to get blue icing on various other parts of his body and then continue to traipse around the living room coloring everything from the floor to the couch to the entertainment center blue.  Mom seemed to have more icing on her body after the entire session was over than even Bryce did!

Even though the session didn’t quite go as planned, this will be a fun memory (and some adorable photos) for the Gaither family to look back on and when Bryce is about 7 years old and is in love with all things sugary they can tell him about the time they tried to give him an entire cake and he wanted nothing to do with it.


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