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Denise Benson Photography | Charlotte Branding Photographer

  Denise Benson Photography | Charlotte Branding Photographer     The beginning of this year was filled with so many amazing brands!  And I even got a guy in front of my lens, which if you’ve been reading this blog for a while now you know happens few and far between.  I shot in some...

$100 Headshot Event | Charlotte, NC Photography

  $100 Headshot Event | Charlotte, NC Photography    I’ve been doing my $100 Headshot Event for a couple of years now and each year it gets bigger and BETTER!  This year I had a record number of 11 clients sign up for this event that took place over the course of January.  I met...

Denise Benson Photography Sessions

  Denise Benson Photography Sessions   Can you believe we’re officially on the final post to wrap up 2019 sessions?  And it only took 5 months into 2020 to get it done!  So the next blog post will finally feature fresh images from this year which will kickstart with my $100 Headshot Event that took...

Personal Branding Photography | Denise Benson Photography

  Personal Branding Photography | Denise Benson Photography     I’m back to share another round of amazing branding sessions!  This week I’m featuring my latest coaching session with Genice of Genice Ariel Photography that took place in Rock Hill, SC as well a session in Columbia with a local lawyer, a husband and wife...

Branding Client Roundup

Branding Client Roundup Since narrowing down my niche to branding photography I have been so blessed so to work with so many amazing clients!  When I began to close some doors on other photography genres the door to branding clients flew WIDE OPEN!  Working with other entrepreneurs and businessowners truly lights a fire inside of...

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