Client Welcome Package

Client Welcome Package

It’s no secret that I love going above and beyond for my clients.  I have almost as much fun putting their final packages together as I do at the sessions themselves.  In 2015 I began sending all DBP clients digital Welcome Packages to officially welcome them to my company as well as giving them information about me, frequently asked questions regarding sessions, my print pricing information and much more!  I loved the look of it and the convenience of being able to email it was great, but something was just missing for me.  Even though the package was something I created it didn’t have that special touch.  So for 2016 (and going forward) each client will receive a welcome package directly in their mailbox!  In a world where practically everything is digital, a package arriving in the mail makes you feel like it’s Christmas.  Think about the last time a brown paper package arrived on your doorstep (even if it was something you ordered for yourself and new would be arriving) or you received a hand written card or letter from a friend.  How did that make you feel?  A little giddy I’m sure.  Well that’s the feeling I want to create for each and every client that books with DBP.  This is more than just a quick session so that you can have some photos to post to your Facebook page.  This is about an experience.  And from the moment that you book with me I want all of your questions to be answered and for you to be as excited about working with me as I am about working with you.  So if you’re an upcoming DBP client be on the lookout for this package hitting your mailbox soon and if you’re thinking about booking a session make sure to contact me with any questions you may have.  I’d love to chat with you over a cup of coffee and some macarons!


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