DBP Officially Has A Studio Space!

Denise Benson Photography Studio Space from Denise Benson on Vimeo.

Sometimes the very thing you said you never wanted is exactly what you need…
If you would’ve told me 9 years ago when I began my photography career that I’d be in the space that I’m in right now (both mentally + physically) I never would’ve believed you. But I’ve learned over the years that desires are put on your heart for a reason + if it’s something truly meant for you a way will be made.
In 2019 I began to have a vision of myself working in a studio space. Prior to that I always saw myself working on location in God’s natural light so I didn’t understand why I suddenly had this desire. So over the next few months I prayed + had many talks with God to make sure this was the right move for me. If you know me, then you know I don’t leap into things without having ALL of my ducks in a row. His answer to me was…it’s time.
I found an amazing space in NoDa Charlotte with lots of beautiful natural light (I can never steer too far from what I know + love most) + I’m excited to share with my branding clientele that Denise Benson Photography is now a member of a local Charlotte studio! I will be offering studio branding sessions at no additional cost. I’m so excited for this new chapter + can’t wait to capture all of your amazing brand stories here!


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