Isle of Palms Getaway 2015

Isle of Palms Getaway 2015

This past weekend I took a mini vacation with some girlfriends (each of us graduates of the University of South Carolina) to the beautiful Isle of Palms, SC.  It was a much needed trip to get in some relaxation before my busy fall shooting season begins.  This was truly a restful vacation for me.  Nothing too tedious on the agenda and it was filled with so much laughter that I’m still working on getting my voice back completely.

We spent our mornings cooking breakfast filled with delicious items like quiche, waffles, sausage roll-ups, bacon, french toast casserole, bellinis, etc.  Our afternoons were spent relaxing watching films in the movie room or lounging poolside.  And our evenings were a mix of dinner plans, a mixology tour and partying at the house.

The entire trip was filled with memorable hashtags (#davidruffin #youaintbiggerthanthegroup #riceandcabbage #unbothered) that I’m sure we’ll laugh at for years to come.  It was definitely a trip to remember and one I will look back on fondly.  And in a few weeks when I’m stressed out from the craziness that is the fall season I’ll be able to remember this vacation and I’m hoping it will bring a smile to my face and help me to calm myself.  I’m already eagerly anticipating the next one…


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