John Williams Campaign Session | Rock Hill, SC

rock hill head shot

John Williams Campaign Session | Rock Hill, SC

I honestly love my job because it affords me the opportunity to work with new people and try things I’ve never done before.  Mrs. Phyllis Williams contacted me a couple of weeks ago after some online research (yay for my site doing it’s job!) regarding some head shots for her husband.  Simple enough I thought.  I enjoy doing head shots and even though I don’t get to work with men on solo shoots that often I’ve done it before and adding another guy to my head shot portfolio is always a good thing.  She indicated that she wanted something casual and non-studio (also perfect for me since all of my sessions take place on location).  And then she indicated it would be for his campaign.  Well, that was certainly a new one for me.  I’ve never done campaign photos before, but it intrigued me and I am always up for a challenge.

So we moved forward with booking the session and finally met late one Sunday afternoon in downtown Rock Hill, also known as Old Town.  Mr. Williams, along with his wife, daughter and son all came super prepared.  We had a great time over the course of our session moving from location to location and talking about his upcoming run for York County Sheriff.

rock hill headshots

rock hill head shots

I’m not heavy into politics but I do like to consider myself an informed citizen and aside from being qualified (he has 33 years experience on the police force) I like for candidates to be relatable and Mr. Williams is definitely that.  His entire family was down to earth and such a pleasure to be around and work with.  I wish him luck on his upcoming campaign and if you live in York County I urge you to look into his platform on his Facebook page.

rock hill sc head shots


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