Kanitra C. Chapel Hill Graduation Session

This past weekend my best friend graduated with her Master in Nursing from UNC Chapel Hill in Chapel Hill, NC. Proud doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel. I’ve watched her sacrifice time with friends and family, take time away from her job as well as spend day and night studying, reading and writing one heck of a paper! All of her hard work finally paid off and I’m so excited to see what her future has in store for her!

Her session took place the morning of her graduation right on the campus of UNC Chapel Hill.  Traffic was crazy that morning and our original shoot location was thwarted by a sea of people wanting to use the exact same location for their photos.  There were a lot of families milling about due to other graduations taking place that day as well as students moving out of their housing areas, but we managed to find a great little area on campus that was somewhat secluded and proceeded to capture this wonderful memory.  I honestly think this area was an even better fit for her session than the original location because it wasn’t overly used.  Her photos will definitely stand out in comparison to her classmates that wanted to shoot in the ‘popular’ part of campus.

And just a note to anyone living in this area, or anywhere else in the Carolinas for that matter:  Although my home base is in Rock Hill, SC I love to travel to new areas and explore wonderful shoot locations.  After a while shooting the same locations repeatedly can become a bit boring and stale.  So if you live in or around the Chapel Hill area and are interested in a session please let me know!  I had a wonderful time here for Kanitra’s graduation and would love to return again.


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