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A few weeks ago my nephew Landon Jace was born.  June 27, 2016 9:13 am to be exact.  As with any child born into a small family they enter into a world filled with excitement.  We all eagerly awaited his arrival and as his due date came and went, along with each subsequent day, we grew more and more impatient.  Or at least I did.  There hadn’t been a newborn baby in my family since my niece Alycia was born 7 years ago.  She was the first in our family and I remembered the feeling of anxiousness as she made her debut and I couldn’t wait for Landon to do the same.

I am by no means a newborn photographer.  It was an idea I toyed with at the very beginning of my photography career and as I watched videos of this specialized craft I knew that I wanted no parts of it.  Tiny babies make me a bit nervous and I just knew that it takes a special someone to capture these beautiful beings in the best way possible.  My sister had no plans to have newborn photos taken of Landon and I felt like this would be something she would regret later on so I offered to do the session for her.  I figured if it turned out horrible it wouldn’t be the end of the world since this wasn’t a paid session and she knew from the get go that I had no idea what I was doing.

Two days prior to the session I began cramming as much information into my head as humanely possible.  I studied Youtube videos on how to properly position, swaddle, and shoot a newborn.  I went on Pinterest for different pose ideas.  I gathered all of the items I would need to make this a success (many, many blankets were involved).  And just 6 days after he was born he was ready for his photography debut!

Even though I still have zero desire to get into newborn photography I really had a great time working with my sister on this project.  Landon did amazingly well and it was so much fun!  I ended up editing his photos the same day as the shoot because I couldn’t wait to see the results.  And even though it’s tacky to pat yourself on the back, I’m pretty proud of my first attempt.  It’s always scary trying something new, but there’s nothing quite like a challenge.




newborn session


newborn photography


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