Lifestyle Branding Session | Columbia, SC

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Lifestyle Branding Session | Columbia, SC


Over the last couple of years I’ve gotten to know Bianca of The Crawford Austin Agency extremely well.  We’ve done a number of branding shoots together and each one is better than the last.  She’s the type of client a photographer dreams of working with.  She’s a ball of energy and always fun to be around and she’s always up for trying out new things to give her brand visuals she can use across the board from her website to her varying social media accounts.  When she first came to me with the idea of doing a lifestyle session that would take place in and outside of her home I was immediately excited!  Being in her home before I knew she had the perfect setup to make an in home session work.  Neutral tones with pops of color and lots of natural light had me eager and ready to get to work.  Her session began in the living room, made it’s way into the kitchen where we poured up some wine, headed upstairs into her guest bedroom and finally finishing in her bedroom where she relaxes and winds down after a long day of work.


crawford austin agency

crawford austin agency


The second half of her session took us to downtown Columbia and USC’s Horseshoe, where we both attended.  She had the most adorable pink tulle skirt created specifically for this session and it added a whimsical element that showed off her beaming personality so well.  We finally finished things off with a few lifestyle workout shots.  Bianca has been putting in major work in the gym lately and she knows how important it is to relieve stress and keep yourself balanced.  Bianca is a perfect example of an entrepreneur that is creating a visual brand to connect with her audience.  She has set herself up for a couple of  years worth of content and it all revolves around her and her brand.  No stock photography required!  If you are looking to brand yourself in a visual format and create content for your social media accounts I would love to hear from you!  Hop on over to my contact page and send me a note.


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