Meet My Senior Campaign Model: Ryleigh


A couple of months ago I embarked on a mission.  A mission to find the perfect senior campaign model.  It may not seem like anything major, but anytime you’re trying out something new for your business it can be a bit scary and daunting.  But because I’m a firm believer in continuously challenging yourself I went forward with my plan.  I put out a model call and received some great entries!  It was a hard decision but I, along with the help of a supportive friend (gotta have a second opinion on decisions like these) narrowed our choice down to Ryleigh.

She is a rising senior at Lancaster High School in Lancaster, SC.  She loves to teach entry-level dance and works at a local boutique when she’s not in school.  In her down time she enjoys attending concerts, shopping and salon visits.  She’s my kind of girl!  I mean who doesn’t love getting pampered, finding the perfect outfit and then going to see your favorite musical performer?

When Ryleigh, along with her mom Ashley, and I first met up for a pre-consultation we clicked right away.  She’s down to earth, articulate, smart and did I mention how gorgeous she is?!  I was truly pleased with my decision to choose to work with her.  And the icing on the cake was that she and her mother were both as excited for this project as I was.  Over the coming weeks we discussed plans for location, outfits and makeup.  I contacted local business owner and makeup artist Brenisha of Estilo by CX, located in Lancaster, SC to see if she would like to help out with this project.  She was more than willing and after some further communication I found out Ryleigh was a client of Estilo by CX already.  Remember what I said about her loving salon visits?  Yeah, I just found out first hand that it’s true!

The day of our shoot everything came together beautifully.  We met at Estilo by CX to get her makeup done and then made our way to Fort Mill, SC for her shoot.  When I say that everything worked out better than I could have imagined I truly mean it.  The weather was on our side and Ryleigh (who has never done professional photos in this way before) was a natural in front of the camera!  I think we were both surprised to find out how natural she moved and how well she took instructions when it comes to modeling.  All those days of watching America’s Next Top Model paid off for her!

I’m excited for this project in the years to come.  Having my trial run with Ryleigh go so well really gave me the boost I needed to make this an annual event.  Thank you so much to Ashley for entering Ryleigh into my model search (unbeknownst to Ryleigh at that), to Brenisha for doing such an amazing job with Ryleigh’s makeup and for being so flexible with my schedule, and especially to Ryleigh.  You’re an amazing young woman and I know the future has many wonderful things in store for you!


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