My New Site Is Here!

Boy, has this been a journey!  This site has been in the works (in my mind at least) since 2013.  I had the layout figured out for the most part as well how I wanted to set it all up.  The only thing standing in my way was actually putting it together.  Now I in no way consider myself to be tech savvy but I do have a few skills.  Back in college I took an introductory course to website creation and I actually ran an Usher and Justin Timberlake site waaaayyyyy back in the day.  I won’t go into anymore detail regarding those sites as to not embarrass myself even further.  Those sites required that I learn HTML and I knew things these days had to be easier so it couldn’t be too daunting of a task, right?  Well…I was kind of right.  There is definitely a learning curve involved with website design, but sites like WordPress and ProPhoto make it fairly easy to understand.  Some down time at my FT job plus a mini beach getaway allowed me to work on my baby (after spending so much time with this site I’m now very much attached to it) and I’m pretty pleased with the results as I hope you will be too.

Not only will you be able to get in contact with me regarding a shoot and learn a little bit about my background,  but you’ll be able to see my work as it progresses via my portfolio.  The largest undertaking though will be the blog portion of my site.  I’ve never kept up with an actual blog (Tumblr doesn’t count in my opinion since you’re mostly just re-blogging…or at least that’s what I do) so I’m hoping that I will be able to update regularly.  I feel like blogging will be a way for you to learn a little about each session I have as well as things that are going on with Denise Benson Photography and possibly even personal life events that I feel are appropriate to share.  I won’t make any promises about how often I update my blog, but I won’t allow myself to go weeks on end with no new content either.  So if you happen to see a random a post saying ‘Hi! I’m still alive, no need to call the police’ just know that’s me updating 😉

I’ve rambled on long enough, so I’ll finish by saying thank you for stopping by, take a look around, and subscribe the blog if you like.  Oh! And just a small teaser…info on Spring Mini Sessions will be posted in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned for that.


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