Who Said? | Guest Post By Robin Danielle

robin danielleWho Said?

   Whenever I try something new and I question myself on whether I can do it, I counter it with WHO SAID? – as in, who said I can’t?


  • When you look in the mirror; that is your competition.
  • When you feel like you can’t do something; it’s because you’ve told yourself that you can’t do it.


    No one can hold you back but YOU so as long as your heart and mind say YES, then when doubt tries to kick in and tell you no, counter it with WHO SAID? It took me some years to embrace my true passion as an Author. I had been pursuing a future as a doctor; graduated from college with a degree in Biology and interned in Science labs. Throughout my life I always wrote – stories, poems, and thoughts for no reason in particular other than the mere fact that it felt better to have the thoughts on paper than clogging up my head since I had so many ideas.


   The career as a doctor didn’t pan out for me but as I see it now, it was for a good reason. While I am still largely interested in natural health and preventive care, my passion and what keeps me up at night is writing. But I couldn’t be a writer/author, could I? My background was in science and I had no formal education in writing. The doubt and fear of what others would think and if I’d be taken seriously with my new found profession initially siked me out, but my passion was calling me so I countered with – WHO SAID?


    When I re-launched my brand and did my photo-shoot with Denise Benson Photography, I remember being totally excited about the upcoming shoot but also anxiously nervous of how my photos would turn out. I don’t find myself to be very photogenic and I have one pose, hands on hip, which has been my go to since I was a teen. I wanted my photos to portray the “fearless still learning about business and herself” author that I am, but feared that my deer caught in headlights look would come out instead.


    On the morning of the shoot it didn’t help that everything that could go wrong for me did while getting ready, including being late from traffic for my shoot. Denise was amazing and her calm demeanor helped to calm down the train wreck that was trying to happen. My photo shoot was excellent and my photos were even more beautiful than I had expected. It perfectly displayed the businesswoman I am now, and the person in my pictures is definitely a person that would counter doubt with WHO SAID?


    I’m proud to have published three books and have more to come by pushing through my fears. Doubt will always rear its head, especially when you compare yourself to others, so don’t! These feelings keep you humble but they will also keep you stagnant if you don’t push past it. People, places and things have been positioned in your life to help you get to where you are and where you need to be. Don’t take your interactions for granted or the desires placed upon your heart to pursue your dreams. You’ll regret not doing those things you want in life more than you will if you try something and it doesn’t work out the way you’d like…the first time around.


   Success cannot be quantified as a simple definition that is a standard for everyone. Success means different things to many people. So set your own goals and work on obtaining them as you continually stretch yourself to higher and higher standards. When doubts come, and they will, counter it with WHO SAID? Because, YOU CAN.


who said?


Robin Danielle is the Creative Director and Autheress of Danny’s Closet .  She has published a few books including Trust Me Not and Trust Me Not Again.  She “aims to create different genres of writing to appeal to various audiences, including children.”  Follow her on social media on Instagram and Facebook.


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