The Benson Wedding – Lancaster, SC Photography

The Benson Wedding – Lancaster, SC Photography

A few months ago Shontel contacted me via Facebook regarding her upcoming wedding.  I was excited at the notion since I was just stepping out into the world of elopement + intimate wedding photography.  Once she indicated the bridal party would be small and only 50 or so guests I was all in!  Large weddings are not something I’m wanting to venture into, but the intimacy of a small wedding intrigues me so I was completely on board.  Because Shontel + her groom Jermaine both serve in the military and are leaving the country just days after their ceremony it didn’t leave us with a lot of time to get to know one another or discuss their wedding plans in detail.  They were able to make time to meet with me briefly in the midst of all of their planning and wedding counseling and they were just the most laid back and nicest couple!  While most brides seem frazzled and completely stressed out right before their big day, I could see Shontel was in a totally different space.  And Jermaine, being the typical groom, allowed Shontel to make the big decisions regarding their photographs.

Their wedding took place at a small church in Lancaster, SC filled with family and friends wanting to be a part of this special moment in their lives.  After the ceremony wrapped the couple, a few close friends + family and myself headed to the historic courthouse in downtown Lancaster.  It was midday and the sun was beaming with barely any shade to be found, but we managed to find a small area that would work for us.  The moment I got the newlywed couple alone I got a feel for just how in love they are.  They were playful with one another and genuinely happy.  They were up for whatever I suggested which always makes me happy.  I’m excited for this new journey in their lives and am grateful that they chose me to be a part of it.  I wish them many, many years of love and happiness!


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