The Jefferson Family – Greenville, SC

The Jefferson Family – Greenville, SC

This past weekend I had the pleasure of venturing back to Greenville, SC for a two hour session with the Jefferson Family.  I worked with them about a year and a half ago and this session was a complete turn around from the first.  Our first session took place in the spring, this one was obviously in the fall.  The first session took place during what can only be called a mini monsoon.  It poured rain the entire time and confined us to one small space.  We manage to get some great shots, but it was not what any of us had envisioned.  The weather this past weekend could not have been more perfect!  It was a cool, crisp and sunny day.  Perfect for early morning photos!

The first half our session was for the entire family.  Mom, dad and adorable little Ryan were picture perfect!  I know I’ve said it a million times, but I get the most catalog-worthy families to work with!  I definitely consider myself blessed.  The second half of our shoot was for Meliah.  She is a current spokesperson for the Go Red For Women – American Heart Association campaign.  Having suffered a heart attack at the early age of 33 she is now and advocate for knowing your family health history and healthy living on all fronts.  Her story is truly remarkable and I am beyond honored that she would choose me to capture her current journey in life.

Anytime I get to work with this family I am overjoyed and I look forward to capturing many, many more memories for them in the years to come.


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