Tracey M. | Charlotte, NC Branding Session

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Tracey M. | Charlotte, NC Branding Session

So here’s a little backstory on my branding session with Tracey Massey of Living My Empowered Life.  Tracey and I initially met a few years ago when I was fresh into the photography game.  She reached out to me again in 2016 regarding her business and needing some updated images.  We began to plan for a session during the fall in scenic Charleston, but then life happened, as it sometimes does.  We finally managed to work things out for a spring session in Charlotte which I felt like was perfect for Tracey since she lives and works in the Queen City.

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After having to reschedule a couple of times previously I had every body part imaginable crossed, hoping that the weather would cooperate with our early morning shoot.  Of course the odds were against us yet again and by the time I met up with her the sky opened and the rain fell.  Thank goodness we had a backup plan in the works!  The first part of her branding session took us indoors and just as we began to wrap things up Mother Nature decided to finally give us a break.  The rain went away, the sun came out and a beautiful breeze began to blow.  It was almost as if everything was aligning for this day to turn out perfectly.  We had a great time making our way to a local park in uptown Charlotte, NC.  Since the rain had just cleared up the area wasn’t overcrowded and for the most part it was just us and the goose family.  I’m already looking forward to working with Tracey in the future and am excited to see where her career takes her.  If you’re interested in a life coach or in the upcoming Living My Empowered Life Recharge Retreat taking place August 18-20, 2017 then definitely check her out!  And if you would like to discuss a branding session of your own please contact me.  I’d love to hear from you!

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