Where To Shoot Your Next Branding Session

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Where To Shoot Your Next Branding Session
One of the biggest pain points for my clients when booking a branding session is figuring out the perfect location.  There are a few factors to take into consideration when scouting for a location that fits you and your brand vision that I want to go over to hopefully make your next shoot a breeze!

1. Are there a variety of backdrops?  Now I don’t mean actual studio backdrops, but are there a variety of spaces in and around the location that can be utilized.  If you’re shooting for an hour+ you want to make sure to go with a location that has a minimum of 2-3 backdrops.  So if you’re shooting in a home (rented or your own) you want there to be at least 2 spaces inside that can work (e.g. kitchen and living room) for your session as well as a possible outdoor space as well.  This will allow you to get the most bang for your buck!  Having a variety of spaces along with wardrobe changes means you’re not using the same images over and over again.  That one shoot can give you longevity when posting online.

2.  Is there outdoor space available?  While shooting indoors is great because you don’t have to worry about the temperature or weather, having a few outdoor shots with natural lighting is always a plus.  Make sure to check the surroundings of your shoot location to see if there’s an opportunity to grab a few shots outside as well.  If you want your entire session to take place outdoors then make sure you choose a location that has a variety of looks within a walking distance.  For example, if you’re shooting in Uptown Charlotte you can start your session outside of the Convention Center, then make your way to The Bechtler Museum and finally finish up at The Green.  This gives you lots of variety all within close proximity.

3.  Does the location provide good natural lighting?  Whenever my clients opt to book an indoor location one of the main tips I give them is to search for a location with good natural lighting.  While I do provide lighting sources for my indoor sessions, having a space with lots of windows and that’s bright and airy will enhance the look of your session so much more.

4.  Does it pass the vibe check?  Every location isn’t going to work for every profession.  You have to ask yourself if the location makes sense for you and your brand.  While a park filled with trees and flowers may be great for a yoga instructor the same location wouldn’t necessarily work for a lawyer.  Make sure the fits you and your brand aesthetic by choosing a space with colors that will fit seamlessly into your website, etc.
If all else fails reach out to your hired photographer.  We shoot in a variety of places and can often give you great recommendations to steer you in the right direction!


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