Why Business Besties Are Crucial For YOUR Success

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Why Business Besties Are Crucial For YOUR Success

If you’re in business for yourself you know that it can sometimes be a lonely place.  Most entrepreneurs don’t have a team helping them out so we’re what’s known in the industry as solopreneurs.  That’s where industry peers come into play.  Having a person, or people, to bounce ideas off of, talk to when things are getting tough and celebrate your wins with you like no one else can (because let’s face it, no one else really understands what we go through as creative entrepreneurs) is crucial in keeping your sanity as a small business owner.
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I’ve been blessed with not only one, but three business besties.  It started with one, my friend Sirena of Aneris Photography and over time I added Kristen of Lavish Moments Photography and Lekisa of LBZZ Photography to my crew.  It’s morphed from group text messages to forming an actual monthly mastermind group where we discuss the good, bad and ugly of our businesses.  These women have been instrumental in bringing forth some of the ideas that I’m currently implementing in DBP.  I could go on and on about how much fun we have together in working on our businesses and hanging out for much needed girl time (see our fair photofrom 2017 below!), but I’m going to let the three of them explain what having business besties means to them:

Sirena Business besties are necessary because as humans we aren’t meant to do this thing called life alone. So, of course we aren’t meant to build, grow, and develop a business alone.

One of the many benefits of having business besties is accountability. I’m a part of two MasterMind groups and have a few other business owners who I can confide in and vent too. It’s amazing when those people give back just as 
much as you put it. I believe the success factor with like-minded business owners is that you must all want to see each other grow and succeed. You must give and not just be there to take.
KristenI think it is imperative to have a business bestie because that person helps you grow as a person and as a business while consistently holding you accountable to your short term and long term goals. They want to see you succeed! When one wins, we all win. That person may be the only one to see your potential sometimes when you have doubt in yourself. Your business bestie is there to support you, encourage you despite losses and celebrate you for all your wins. 
I’ve grown and evolved tremendously from having my business besties and like minded creatives around me. It’s broadened my creativity and also helped me find my niche with my photography business. I’ve grown my network of experts to consult with for various reasons. 
Lekisa – It is necessary to have business Besties because I NEED that accountability person/persons. I am busy, stubborn and I get complacent easily. I need my tribe to say “Hey what are you doing, why are you slacking off?” Since I have found my business besties, I am more likely to stick to the goals I have set for myself. I don’t want to let them down or myself. I love them all very much and I am grateful to have them in my life.
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