Why You Need A Professional Branding Photoshoot

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Why Creative Portraits Are Just What Your Business Needs – Rock Hill, SC Photographer

Have you ever come across a website for a business and just fallen in love with the business because their online presence is so awesome?  The site was clean, professional and the images portrayed the business in the best light possible.  But then I’m sure you’ve also come across a site that looked dated, used stock images, and just didn’t do it for you visually.  Or worse yet, they have absolutely no web presence?  As business owners we like to think that our work speaks for itself.  If I make my clients happy and put out good work then that’s all it should take to bring in new clientele.  Well, yes, that’s partly true, but (and this is a big BUT) our online presence says more about us to potential clients than we think.

What’s the first thing most of us do when searching for a new business?  Say you need a plumber, a baker, a photographer…we hop online and begin our research.  Even if we have a recommendation from a friend or family member most of us want to do our own research online first; let’s face it we’re not trusting Aunt Helen with just word of mouth business, we have to see things for ourselves.  Your website, LinkedIn or Facebook page can make or break you to a potential client at this point.  That head shot photo you took at Sears 20 years ago isn’t going to cut it in this day and age.  Or that selfie you took in your bathroom, yeah that definitely doesn’t scream ‘I want to work with you!’


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So much has changed about head shots these days.  Branding head shots not only show the world who you are through your awesome personality, they also showcase what you do in the most professional way possible.  Do you bake cakes for living?  Why not have a photographer come in and photograph you while you work and then throw in some more traditional head shots at the end.  Sell insurance or real estate?  Have your photographer on standby so they can capture your images with clients instead of resorting to those boring stock photos every other realty and insurance office uses on their site.  Even for me as a photographer, sure I can (and have) taken self portraits, but I’ve also worked with other photographers to have them take photos of me and I’ll continue to do so as long as I’m in business.


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So if you’re a business owner (or even just in business and need to update your online image presence – and no those selfies aren’t cutting it) reach out to your favorite photographer and see if they do branding photography.  I love supporting local, small businesses and would love to make you stand out from the rest.  If you’re interested in scheduling a session please contact me at [email protected]!


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