2015 Fall Mini Sessions Pt. 2

2015 Fall Mini Sessions Pt. 2

Last week I blogged about the first part of my 2015 Fall Mini Sessions (which you can read about here) and this week I’m wrapping up the second half of those sessions.

The second part of my sessions consisted of a large family broken up into two sessions.  Kanika, who attended the University of South Carolina with me, contacted me regarding a session for her, her husband and her four month old son.  After telling her sister Terry about my mini sessions, she then contacted me to set up a session for her family as well.  Let me tell you these were a great, great group of people to work with!  Kanika and her husband Izell were laid-back and fun.  They hadn’t had family photos taken since their son was born so it was nice to be able to be the chosen photographer.  Baby Tristan (whose name I absolutely adore!) came ready to smile!  Especially when we broke out the pumpkin prop that Kanika wanted in some of the photos.  His grin was from ear to ear and he wanted nothing more than to get his little hands on it.  Towards the end of their session Terry and her family arrived.  So we got in a couple of large group photos with both families and then moved onto The Fludd family.

I tend to work a lot with families with younger children so it was a nice change of pace to work with the all adult Fludd family.  Terry, her husband, her brother and two sons were such a pleasure to shoot.  Her sons had a lot of fun with the shoot!  Doing their best GQ model poses and having an all around great time in front of the camera.  At the end of the session both families even helped me wrap everything up and load it up into my car.

To say that my 2015 Fall Mini Sessions were a hit is an understatement!  I had an amazing time working with each of these families and I am already anticipating next year’s sessions!


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