5 Ideas For Your Coaching Business Brand Shoot

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When it comes to building a successful coaching business, branding is crucial. A strong brand can make all the difference in attracting and retaining clients. One aspect of branding that’s often overlooked is the importance of professional photos. A well-planned photoshoot can showcase your personality, style, and values, while creating a cohesive brand image. Here are five ideas for your coaching business branding photoshoot:

  1. Location, location, location: Consider choosing a location that reflects your brand values. For example, if you’re a career coach, a modern office space or cityscape would be more appropriate than a park setting. Your location should evoke the feelings and emotions you want your brand to convey.
  2. Wardrobe: Your outfit can help communicate your brand style. Are you more laid-back and approachable or polished and professional? Consider your target audience and what they would expect from you. It’s also important to choose clothing that makes you feel confident and comfortable.
  3. Props and accessories: Adding props or accessories can make your photos more interesting and memorable. For example, a life coach might use a notebook and pen to convey their message of personal growth. A business coach could use a laptop or briefcase to depict their expertise in entrepreneurship. Just be sure that your props and accessories align with your brand values.
  4. Incorporate your brand colors: If you have specific brand colors, try to incorporate them into your photoshoot. This can create a cohesive look and make your brand more recognizable. Consider using props or clothing in your brand colors, or even having a backdrop in the same shade.
  5. Action shots: Show off what you do best by incorporating action shots into your photoshoot. For example, if you’re a fitness coach, you could have photos of you doing yoga poses or lifting weights. If you’re a public speaking coach, you could have photos of you presenting to a group. Action shots can help your potential clients visualize what it would be like to work with you.

A branding photoshoot can be a valuable investment for your coaching business. It can help you stand out from your competitors, showcase your expertise, and create a memorable brand image. By considering these five ideas, you can create a photoshoot that accurately reflects your brand and resonates with your target audience.  If you’re a coach looking to take their visuals to the next level then I’d love to hear from you!  Contact me today so we can chat!


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