Anita Is 40 + Fabulous!

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Anita Is 40 + Fabulous!

Seeing another year of life is something that we all too often take for granted.  But in my opinion it’s something that should be celebrated to the fullest extent.  So anytime I get an email from someone looking to do a birthday session (for themselves, not their kids) I get giddy.  It let’s me know two things about my client.  First, they’re someone that lives their life to the fullest and warmly embraces getting another year older.  And second, I know they’re gonna be a lot of fun.  Birthday sessions are some of my favorite sessions because the entire time I spend with my client is a celebration.


denise benson photography


This could definitely be said of Anita’s 40th birthday shoot.  Anita had a vision for her session and I was excited that she would include me in her plans.  The first half of her session featured her in a beautiful red gown that popped against the neutral toned woods where we began.  She was a trooper for rocking her heels on the dirt road and going along with me and her husband’s crazy shenanigans and poses.


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The second half of her session took us to Old Town Rock Hill, SC.  A cute yellow peplum top, jeans and a bouquet of vibrant flowers were the perfect wardrobe and accessories to bring the quaint little backdrop to life.  I truly enjoyed my time with Anita and her husband.  I laughed the entire time and that’s always a good sign of a great session.  I hope she truly enjoyed her 40th celebration and am so thankful she allowed me to play a small role in it.

If you have an upcoming birthday that you want to celebrate I’d love to chat with you!  Let’s talk about how turning another year older is a blessing and deserves to make you feel your best.


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