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making cake tasting stress free


Making  Your Cake Tasting Stress Free by Danetra Richardson

I have absolutely LOVED bringing you all fresh perspectives through my blog this year.  I hope you’ve enjoyed each and every one of my guest bloggers!  While this monthly guest blogger series comes to an end I hope to bring you more fresh perspectives in the future.   My final guest blogger for 2017 is Danetra Richardson of Swank Desserts based in beautiful Charleston, SC.  Danetra is a talented baker who I’ve had the pleasure of working with  for styled shoots.  Not only is her food gorgeous to look at, but it’s equally delicious.  If you’re an upcoming bride or groom then this blog post is just what you need for your upcoming wedding cake tastings.



  • Limit the amount of people you invite to your tasting

If you love sweets, the decision making process will already be difficult. Too many opinions can take away from the experience and make narrowing down flavor choices even more difficult. Think about what you and your partner want the most.


  • Let your baker know if anyone at your wedding has any food related allergies  


  • Know what you want (or have a good idea) beforehand

Having a clear vision of your cake/desserts will not help you select the appropriate baker for your desired aesthetic, but it will also make your decision making process a lot easier and the tasting appointment flow more smoothly. Your baker will also be able to provide you with a more accurate quote.  Provide the baker with inspiration pictures BEFORE the appointment


  • Research prior to scheduling appointments.

This goes hand in hand with knowing what you want! All bakers have a different style and don’t do everything so be sure to look at their Facebook, Instagram,  and website to get an idea of what they DO offer. If you want fondant, you want to select a baker that is experienced in that area. Don’t be afraid to ask for their pricing if it isn’t available on their website. It is also important to read the reviews to ensure your baker is reputable.


  • Be honest and realistic about your budget

Cakes can take hours, sometimes days to create and seconds to eat! The cost of the cake will depend upon design, ingredients, and the experience of the baker. Wedding cakes are typically priced by the slice and the cost per slice will increase with a more elaborate design or pricier ingredients (i.e. nuts and fruit). Other costs associated with the cake that need to be taken into consideration are sales tax, delivery fees, and cake stand rental. It’s also a good idea to think about the décor that will be used on the cake table as well.


  • Have fun!

Your wedding is unique and your cake should reflect that. Think outside of the box and have fun when selecting flavors and design. I always suggest when selecting potential flavors, to pick a flavor that you normally wouldn’t. You might be pleasantly surprised.


  • Presentation

The cake table is a major focal point of your reception and a huge design element. I can’t tell you how many beautiful cakes I’ve had to set up on tables with wrinkled linens or tables tucked away in the back corner of the venue. Think about incorporating your florals and tablescape décor on your cake table.  Use Pinterest  or a  Google image search as inspiration.


  • Always remember that although dessert is the last course, it shouldn’t be treated as an afterthought. This is the last impression your guests have of your wedding. You don’t want to leave a bad taste in their mouth, literally. Ha!

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You can learn more about Danetra and Swank Desserts via Facebook, Instagram and on her website.


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