Choose Happy


Today I am 35.  A lot of pressure comes with being 35.  By society’s standards I am nowhere near where I should be at this point in my life.  But am I comfortable with where God has placed me thus far?  You bet.  34 was a year of change and growth for me.  I discovered a lot about myself.  My relationship with God was strengthened.  I myself was strengthened.  You never know how truly strong you are until you’re put into situation where being strong is your only option.  Some situations are meant to show us parts of ourselves that were unseen.  34 showed me my strength.  Since today is my first day in year 35 I don’t know what I’ll be shown, but I know whatever it is it will be positive.

Over the last few years I have become very comfortable in my skin.  I love who I am.  Are there a few things I wouldn’t mind tweaking here and there?  Sure (I have to hit the gym a little harder these days, cellulite seems to have found a permanent home on my body, my temper flares up a bit more than I’d like), but I’ve found out that no one is going to love me the way that I love me.  And I can’t expect anyone else to accept me just as I am if I can’t first accept myself.  I’ve learned that life, with it’s wonderful highs and drastic lows, is a beautiful thing.  We decide what we make of it.  We get to choose the people who surround us and share our moments with.  I think I’ve chosen the best of the best.  God has placed each of these people in my life to teach me something, to be there for me when I’m hurting, and to celebrate my accomplishments with me when I’m winning.  I’m thankful for them every day.

I’ve learned quite a bit in my short time on earth.  I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that happiness is a choice.  We all face hardships.  It’s a part of being a living, breathing entity.  But everyday that we wake up we make the decision of whether or not we will be happy.  Something may happen to you to try and steal that joy from within you, but you make the final decision.  I’m reminded of a gospel song that says ‘This joy I have the world didn’t give it to me…the world can’t can’t take it away’.  This doesn’t mean that I won’t ever feel defeated, sad, hurt, etc.  It just means that those feelings are temporary setbacks.  I’ve found inner peace and happiness and as long as I know Who I belong to my joy will always be restored.  So, year 35, I embrace you.  I welcome you with open arms.  I’m ready for you to show me what I’m made of.


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