Custom Photography: It’s All About YOU!

custom photography

Custom Photography: It’s All About You!

Gone are the days of having your family gather at a portrait studio  for a couple of posed shots followed by a few 8x10s and wallets to pass out to family and friends.  That was the generic 80’s and 90’s you grew up with and have come to know and expect.  But things in the photography industry have changed…for the better!  Custom photography is where it’s at and for you, the client, that’s a very good thing.

A custom photographer, like myself, tailors each session around each individual client.  I mean, who wants a cookie cutter experience?  It’s an investment of time and money on both my part as well as yours, but it’s worth every bit.  Planning and careful thought go into preparing for each session so that you get a tailor-made experience from beginning to end.  We will discuss location settings that best fit your needs, wardrobe and prop options and much more prior to your session even taking place.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but it can also be annoying.  Who wants to walk into someone else’s home and see an almost exact replica of their own family photos displayed on the walls?  When choosing a custom photographer for your portrait session that’s never a concern you have to have.  The session is all about you and your personality!  It’s a luxury experience from beginning to end and is something you’ll have to showcase for years to come.  Contact me today if you’re ready to create wonderful, lasting memories!


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