Why I Chose Entrepreneurship…


Why I Chose Entrepreneurship

Working for yourself can seem like a dream job.  No set hours, taking off whenever you want to, not having to answer to anyone.  All definite perks of the job.  But what a lot of people don’t realize is that the success (or failure for that matter) of your business is solely reliant upon you, the owner.   And that’s a scary concept.

As I’ve shared before I have years of experience being an entrepreneur since my full time job is a family owned insurance agency in Lancaster, SC.  It was something I got into by accident. I was a recent college grad in 2002 and unable to find a job that suited what I wanted to do in the fashion industry.  I had finally received a job offer co-managing a fashion boutique in an upscale mall in North Carolina when my father, who had started the insurance agency the year before, asked me to come on board with him.  I had no desire to work at a boutique so I took him up on his offer and my entrepreneurial journey began.

Having this background definitely helped me when I decided to step forward with my budding photography career.  I knew what to expect as far as starting and maintaining your own business goes as well as some of the obstacles I may face (slumps, funds not being readily available for equipment and marketing, etc).  Even though I consider DBP to still be in it’s budding phase, I’m so pleased with the results thus far!  When I first started shooting the only clients I had were friends, family and friends of friends.  Getting that first email or call from a total stranger was overwhelming!  Someone wanted to actually hire me based on just my work alone…who would’ve known?!  But that’s the thing with entrepreneurship, it’s the most rewarding career you can have.  All of the setbacks and possible disappointments are miniscule compared to the joy your receive when your business flourishes.  Seeing my clients happy with the work I’ve produced is a feeling next to none.  I’m excited that I get to do this for a living!  I’m blessed.  I’m thankful.  And above all, I’m happy. Which in the end, isn’t that what life is all about?


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