Dionah Celebrates 30!

Dionah Celebrates 30!

Life celebration sessions are my new jam!  Not sure what a life celebration is?  Well that’s just my fancy way of saying birthday shoot.  Another year of life is something that should be celebrated and something we’re not guaranteed so I like to switch things up and call it a life celebration session.  And anytime someone reaches out to me regarding the commemoration of another year of life I get super excited!
charlotte birthday photoshoot
Dionah saw images of a mutual friend’s life celebration session a few years ago and decided she was going to bring in year 30 in the same way.  We decided her shoot should take place in her city of Charlotte, North Carolina and the beauty of uptown is perfect for such an occasion.  However the weather and the summer humidity is not always on our side.  But even with all of those things factored in we made it work and Dionah made it look easy and beautiful!  I’m so thrilled that she allowed me to be a part of such an amazing time in her life and now that her birthday has officially passed I hope that this upcoming year is one she will always remember.
charlotte birthday session
charlotte birthday photographer
If you are looking for a fun way to bring in your next chapter of life then I’d love for you to reach out to me to see how we can put our heads together to give you a bespoke life celebration session.  Contact me today so that we can begin planning your shoot!


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