Zaakira + Jarrett Maternity Session

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Zaakira + Jarrett Charlotte, NC Maternity Session

You know how you meet someone over the course of your life and their spirit just brings a smile to your face?  Almost like they’re a walking ray of light?  That’s what my relationship with Zaakira has been like.  We met many moons ago, in another life, when we were both working part time at Bath & Body Works.  We were part of a pretty amazing BBW crew (if I do say so myself) and even with us being years apart in age we got along like sisters and her laugh and smile instantly put you in a good mood, even during semi-annual sale time.  I’m so thankful that we’ve stayed in touch over the years and now that she’s a part of my book club it’s been a joy to get to see her every month.
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So when she told me she would be welcoming her third child this year I knew I had to capture this moment on camera.  I’ve gotten to know her boyfriend Jarrett over the last couple of years as well and I know they’re going to make great parents to this little angel arriving soon.  Zaakira, always willing to think outside of the box, wanted something unique for her session so I told her I’d been wanting to try a lake session and once I showed her the location she was in!  So we headed up to Lake Norman in Charlotte, NC on a busy weekend morning and made some serious magic together.  I can’t wait to meet their family’s newest addition and pray for a smooth delivery.  And if you are expanding your family and want to discuss a maternity session I would love to hear from you.  Contact me today so we can begin the planning process!
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