Nyrissa C. | The Peach Stand


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Nyrissa C. | The Peach Stand 

Last week I had the pleasure of working with a client who is as beautiful inside as she is out.  Nyrissa contacted me just a couple of weeks prior to our session.  She was getting ready to celebrate her birthday and wanted to capture this moment in her life on camera.  The original theme to match her birthday party (cowgirl and horses) unfortunately did not work out, but I think we made something even more special.


the peach stand

The week of her session it was cold and rainy.  I worried that maybe the session wouldn’t take place, but held out hope that my weather app was correct in telling me we had bright, sunny skies for the day of our shoot.  And sure enough it was right!  We met on a clear late Saturday afternoon.  The sun was just beginning to descend and it made for the most beautiful golden hour I’ve seen in a while.  The sun setting against bright blue skies also made for a bit of warmer weather which is also nice (and unexpected) in February.


Nyrissa pulled out all the stops for her session.  We had briefly discussed wardrobe options the week of her session, but I was only aware of vague descriptions of what exactly it would be that she was wearing.  To say I was stunned in the best way possible is an understatement.  Her gorgeous flowing sundress was ethereal and I was giddy at the chance to capture her in such a beautiful setting.  Sometimes you know when you make magic with a client right off the bat and we certainly did that.  I love laughing and having fun with my clients and along with the help of Nyrissa’s husband (who was an excellent assistant by the way!) we pulled off a successful session among the barren peach trees.

the peach stand

Her second outfit was a bit more casual and laid back so we opted to move to the large field just outside of the orchard and that proved to be a great idea!  A bit of different scenery allowed us showcase Nyrissa’s beauty with minimal background decor.  Sometimes in photography less is more.  This session was a wonderful way to kickstart my 2016 season and I look forward to all of the other wonderful session to come!

the peach stand



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