One Word: Fruitful


One Word: Fruitful

Every year during the year end sermon series at Elevation Church our Pastor, Steven Furtick, encourages us to come up with one word that will that will set the tone for the coming year.  A word that we want to use to propel us forward, to  give us clarity and a purpose for the new year.

I didn’t take too much stock in at first but kind of thought of different words here and there and let them play out in my mind.  Some days asking for God to show me a word that I could use for 2016, other days praying and meditating over it.  And sure enough it worked!

The word fruitful kept coming back to me for some reason.  And because it was something I was thinking about and praying over I knew there had to be a reason this word continually came back to me.   I decided to look up the definition of fruitful which is “producing good or helpful results; productive.”  Now I like to consider myself to be a productive person, but maybe I’m more busy than productive.  And trust me, there is a difference.  Sure, some days I get a lot accomplished and it feels good to get those things taken care of, but am I being intentional with my productivity?  Do I have a clear purpose in mind for what I do and why I do it.  And am I producing helpful results for myself as well as those around me?

So as I go through this year I will continue to meditate and pray that God allows this year to be one of fruitfulness.  To show me when I’m just being busy and if so to steer me into the direction of producing good, helpful fruit instead.

I encourage you to do the same.  If you’re looking for clear direction this year my advice would be to think about your word.  If you’re a believer pray and ask for God to reveal your word to you.  There is a great reading plan on the Bible app called One Word That Will Change Your Life that can aid you in this discovery.  If you’re not a believer then meditate and ask the universe to give you guidance.  If the word is meant for you I promise it will find you.  You just have to seek it out.  And then once you discover it, remind yourself of it daily.  Make it your phone screensaver, post it on a sticky note on your bathroom mirror, whatever it takes so that you don’t forget it’s place in your life.  And then watch the word work in your life.  I’m hopeful for an amazing rest of the year and pray the same for you.


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