Pinterest: Your One Stop Shop


Pinterest: Your One Stop Shop

Some photographers LOVE Pinterest.  Some photographers HATE Pinterest.  I happen to fall in the love category.  Pinterest, in my opinion, is a wonderful source of inspiration and ideas for photographers and clients alike.  For those of you unaware of what exactly it is, here’s the rundown:  Pinterest is an online pinboard that allows you to ‘pin’ or bookmark ideas to specially created boards.  You can pin everything from home decorating ideas, to recipes (healthy or otherwise) to exercise tips and so much more.  There are so many useful tips that you can easily spend hours upon hours researching and ‘pinning’ ideas, most of which you will probably never even attempt.  But it’s fun to do anyway and who knows, that ‘Survival Guide on How To Stay Slim During The Holidays’ may actually come in handy come November.

So how does this translate to photography?  Pinterest is a great place to scout out ideas on posing, what to wear to your photo shoot or even how to hang your photos up in your home.  It can guide you from the start of your photography journey to the very end.  I love Pinterest because it allows my clients to follow me and see my latest sneak peeks as well as photos that inspire me.  Although I never want to outright copy someone else’s shoot idea, I love that Pinterest can inspire me to try out new things and give me ideas that I would have never come up with on my own.  I tell my clients all the time it’s a great source for them when looking for prop ideas that they can incorporate into their own session as well.  Now of course you can essentially do the same thing by Googling pose or wardrobe ideas, but the neat thing about Pinterest is that you can save it to your own board so that you can go back and look at what you’ve’pinned and it’s all together in one place.  Easy to find and add to.  You can then share your board of ideas with your photographer so that they know the direction you want your shoot to go in which is great!  If we can both be on the same page the results of your shoot will be that much better!  So if you’re not already signed up I encourage you to do so and make sure to follow me while you’re there!


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