My Planner, My Success

Last week my planner from Colorvale arrived and I could not have been more excited!  It came much faster than I expected so when I received the delivery it was a pleasant surprise.  I tore through the box and the planner was just as beautiful as I expected it to be, but so much bigger than I could ever have imagined.  I must admit I was slightly hesitant to pay so much for a planner, especially since in the past I’ve never paid over $10 for something generic from Walmart.  But this planner was well worth the price.  Aside from it just being beautiful to look at, it’s sturdy and is so detailed.  If you’re a photographer that is serious about their business and wanting to be as organized as possible I can’t imagine purchasing another planner.  So let’s dig into exactly what’s included.

Each section is divided into months.  The calendars are left blank so you can begin using it whenever you’d like.  At the beginning of each month you’re asked to list your goals (e.g. # of sessions, # of referrals, marketing budget, etc) and then at the end of the month you’re asked to fill in your ‘actuals’ so that you’re able to compare them to your goal numbers.  You’re also given multiple calendars to list session information as well as task lists, blog posts, etc.  You have a page for client tracking that you’re able to fill in with the steps you use for each client.  Mine includes the date the deposit is paid, when I send them my welcome letter among other things.  The planner includes blog post ideas  as well as helping you to keep up with when you should post a new blog article and update your social media accounts.  There is also blank space for personal items like appointments and meal prepping ideas.

It’s so thorough and honestly much more than I ever could’ve hoped for.  I know this will help my business to grow and is a solid investment.  If you have a Colorvale planner I’d love to hear your thoughts on it and how you’re using it!  To learn more about this planner please visit the Colorvale website and if you decide to purchase one I know it will be a great asset to you and your business!


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