My Photography Wish List

Yes, this is a wish list and no it’s not December.  I know most bloggers post their wish lists around Thanksgiving/Christmas time, but there’s that thing about Christmas in July, right?  So this kind of counts…right?  Anywho, I began thinking about things I really wanted to add to my ‘photographer’s list’ and decided I’d share them with my readers to give you a little insight on things you may want to look into purchasing as a fellow photographer or if you’re not a photographer this is a great starting point for any gifts you may want to bestow on that special photographer in your life (hint, hint to all my loved ones).

1. Colorvale Photographer’s Planner ($60): I just purchased this item and I couldn’t be more excited about it’s arrival.  I’m always looking for a way to be more organized and even though I have a total of 3 wall calendars, 1 desk calendar and my iPhone I still felt like I needed something that keeps all of my client appointments, goals and plans together.  There’s a plethora of life/work planners out on the market today, but what I love about Colorvale’s is that it’s photography specific.  It includes day to day tasks, client workflow, marketing and more.  And not only that but it looks super chic!  I just ordered mine today and once it arrives it will probably get it’s own blog update.

2. Vision Board:  There is no price value on this since it all depends on what materials you purchase to make it.  I’ve always loved the idea of a vision board and I’m currently in the process of reworking my guest bedroom/office space.  I want my vision board to hang above my desk so that I can see it daily and so it can keep me focused.  I’ll want it to contain photography related things like shoot ideas and goals for my continued business growth, but also personal goals like leading a healthier lifestyle and how I want to grow spiritually among other things.  I’m looking forward to putting this together.  I know it won’t be an easy task, but I think it will be fun.  I may even get some girlfriends together and have a vision board party…with lots of good food and wine.

3. Ikea Malm Desk  ($149):  In recreating my office space I would like a very light feel to it.  I’m hoping to eventually have it painted in yellow and I’d like the furniture (for the most part) to be white.  This desk is functional, modern and not too fussy which is what I love about it.  And since you have to put Ikea items together yourself I also needed something that didn’t look too complicated.  I’m a photographer, not a builder.

4. Ikea Skruvsta Chair ($149):  Along with the desk I’ll need a modern, comfortable chair to match and this one does the trick!

5. Camera Mug ($30):  This is just too adorable for words!  I’m honestly surprised I haven’t received this as a gift yet.  It’s decently priced and the perfect gift for any shooter/coffee/tea drinker in your life.  I envision myself sitting at my new desk in my updated office sipping on this mug and just enjoying life.

6. Nikon D5300 ($749.95 Body Only):  At this stage in the game I need a second camera (God forbid I’m in the middle of a shoot and my current one conks out on me) and I’ve been doing a LOT of research to see which camera most fits my needs for the moment and the D5300 seems to be it.  It’s definitely an upgrade from what I have now and even though I don’t think I’ll be buying it until some point in 2015 knowing exactly what I want will give me the motivation to work towards getting it.

7. Photoshop Elements 12 ($59.99):  Right now I’m getting by with just Lightroom 4 and it’s been working great for me but there are some things it can’t do that PSE12 can, mainly creating templates.  Having an online presence is so important these days and being able to create templates for marketing purposes or for clients is a great tool to have at your disposal.

8. Fotostrap Avocado Camera Strap ($85):  So I recently purchased the cutest chevron print camera strap from Etsy, but I’ve been eyeing this one from Fotostrap for a while now.  Not only does it look good, but you’re able to have it monogrammed which is a great little personal touch.  And us ladies in the South love us some monogram!

9. Headboard Backdrop ($60):  I read an article recently on how to create a faux bed for any photo shoot and was blown away by how simple it was.  I told myself that once I get a bigger house (with possibly some studio space) I had to have this headboard backdrop.  It would work wonderfully for maternity shoots as well as with small kids.

10. Canvas Camera Bag ($59.99):  Right now I have a plain, boring, mundane, practical camera bag.  It holds my equipment and gets the job done, but at some point I need to upgrade.  I majored in fashion in college and well plain, boring and mundane is not what I’m about.  This canvas bag is still classic enough that it won’t look silly in another 5 years but also gives my photographer look a little pizzazz without being over the top.


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