Robin H. Branding Session | Uptown Charlotte, NC


Robin H. Branding Session | Uptown Charlotte, NC

A few weeks ago on a very cold Sunday morning I met Robin of Danny’s Closet in Uptown Charlotte, NC for her re-branding session. Prior to us finally meeting in person we had great communication regarding her upcoming session. If you’ve been following my blog any length of time you know that I absolutely adore branding sessions. There’s something exciting about working alongside another entrepreneur and helping them bring the vision that they have for their brand to life. And when they’re equally invested in their session as I am it gets me even more excited. Robin and and linked up through one of my prior clients and we hit it off immediately! Robin scheduled a FaceTime meeting with me so that she could get her vision across clearly and we could brainstorm ideas for her session. Over the next few weeks we emailed back and forth and set up one last additional FaceTime meeting before the big day arrived.



As I stated previously it was a very cold morning the day of her session, but the skies were clear and the normally busy Uptown area was sleepy and quiet which allowed us to work uninterrupted. We first took to the streets and got some great shots of a queen thriving in the Queen City. Halfway into her session and a wardrobe change later, we moved things indoors to Amelie’s French Cafe where the morning crowd filtered in and out as Robin displayed some of the books she authored while sipping on a hot cup of yummy coffee. Robin is so enthusiastic about the direction of her career as an author and because of her drive I know she will continue to do well in her endeavors. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store for her and picking up a few of her books myself since I’m definitely a “book nerd”. If you want to keep up with Robin and Danny’s Closet, her brand, you can find her at

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