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Spring Wardrobe Guide

Happy Spring everyone!  That’s right, today is officially the first day of a brand new season.  I absolutely adore the holidays (I’ve dubbed myself the Crazy Christmas Lady along with another friend of mine because we love it so much) but spring is officially my favorite season of the year.  There’s just something about the rebirth of things that seemed dead, like the blossoming trees and flowers.  I love watching it all come back to life with such vibrancy!  This time of year is also when my clients begin to come out of hibernation and are once again ready to get in front of my lens.  Here are a few tips on getting your wardrobe and accessories just right before your upcoming session!

  1. Check out Pinterest.  If you’re not already signed up make sure to get an account and see the plethora of things they have available.  Try not to get sidetracked by the delicious recipes or ways to slim down for the summer and go right to the search box and type in Spring Wardrobe Guide.  You’ll get tons of great inspiration to help you and your family look the best for your session.
  2. Think color!  Fall is great for earth tones and jewel tones, but spring is the time where you can get as vibrant and creative as you want.  Show off those great shades of yellow, red or green.  Are you a little more shy when it comes to your wardrobe?  Then make your accessories pop!  A great neutral toned dress with a pair of hot pink pumps adds just the right amount of spunk to your outfit.  Or even keep your outfit simple and spice things up with accessories like hats, scarves and jewelry.
  3. Layer.  Layering works for pretty much any season, but because spring can vary as far as temperatures go, why not layer your outfit with a light jacket or cardigan that you can remove during your session.  It will instantly give you two different looks without the hassle of having to actually change clothes.
  4. Location, location, location.  I’m sure you’ve all heard that before in regards to starting a business and where to position yourself, but this means a little something different when it comes to your session.   Think about where your session will take place.  If you’re shooting in a wide open field you wouldn’t necessarily want to be dressed in a suit and tie.  Your wardrobe should coincide with your background.
  5. Choose complimentary colors.  I’ve mentioned in a previous ‘what to wear’ post that long gone are the days of everyone having to be matchy-matchy.  Wear colors that compliment each family member and go together without having to look like identical twins.  Mix it up and have fun with it.  If mom is wearing a stunning green dress with green cardigan, why not spice up dad’s tie with hints of green as well?
  6. Make sure whatever you’re wearing goes with your home decor.  Now this one is a little different from the rest of the tips, but it’s still something to think about.  In the end you want your beautiful photos framed and displayed for all to see inside your home.  So what you’re wearing needs to look good inside of whatever room it’s being showcased in.  It doesn’t need to match the decor in your home, but it should be complimentary.
  7. Make it about you!  In the end I always like for my clients to dress like themselves.  If you’re not a high heels kinda gal or a suit kinda guy then don’t wear that to your session.  Your clothing decisions should be a reflection of who you are so whether that means laid-back and casual, bohemian or dressed to the nines then make sure you dress the part.  If you’re outfit is uncomfortable the photos will show it.
  8. I’m here for you!  I let each of my clients know that I am more than willing to help with outfit decisions.  Having a background in fashion merchandising I love this aspect of what I get to do.  So text me your thoughts and photos and I’ll help you narrow things down if you want me to.  I’m here for you in this photography process from start to finish!


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