Styled Session Spotlight: AddiBug Designs + Mooi Cherie

Styled Session Spotlight: AddiBug Designs + Mooi Cherie

I have been extremely blessed when it comes to Etsy shops.  For those of you that may not know much about the site let me give you a little insight before delving into why it’s so amazing!  Etsy is a website where people can buy and sell handmade, vintage items, art, crafts and supplies.  When you support Etsy you’re supporting businessowners that love what they do and put so much pride into it.  I’ve been a fan of the site for years so when I did my first styled shoot that was the first place I went to seek vendors.  And they graciously helped me with my project.  This year was no different.  As soon as the bohemian theme came to me I knew I had to search Etsy for accessories.

First up was the floral crown.  I knew I wanted one of my models to dawn a beautiful headpiece so I began my search and came across AddiBug Designs.  I found a floral crown that I knew would be perfect for my vision.  Kristin, the shop owner, was more than happy to comply.  And I loved the fact that she seemed excited about this project!  Whenever someone else is on board with my vision it makes me that much more excited about it as well.  Her crown was beautifully hand crafted and exactly what I needed.

Next up was jewelry.  I knew I needed earrings but I wasn’t quite sure as to what kind.  So in the search box I typed in ‘boho earring’s and up popped the modern gold earrings from Mooi Cherie!  They were simple enough to not overshadow the model, but still had a lot of intricate details that were perfect for a bohemian feel.

Each of these vendors have wonderful (and affordable!)  items in their shop and I encourage you to check them both out.  I can’t thank them enough for their help with this project!


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