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Alycia Turns 10!

Alycia Turns 10!   I’m going to attempt to write this blog post without balling my eyes out.  You see, Alycia is my niece and it’s hard for me to believe she’s already 10 years old!  Like seriously, how did we get here so fast?  I’ve been there to see her grow from an adorable...

Natalie H. Branding + Birthday Session

Natalie H. Branding + Birthday Session Initially I planned to write about blogger Natalie’s (of Freely Nat) $100 Headshot and birthday session separately, but as my blogs kept coming I realized it would be WELL past her birthday by the time I actually got the chance to blog about it so I decided to combine...

Anita Is 40 + Fabulous!

  Anita Is 40 + Fabulous! Seeing another year of life is something that we all too often take for granted.  But in my opinion it’s something that should be celebrated to the fullest extent.  So anytime I get an email from someone looking to do a birthday session (for themselves, not their kids) I...

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