The Jackson Family – Charlotte, NC

The Jackson Family – Charlotte, NC Photographer

Over my long Thanksgiving weekend I managed to get a lot done.  Mainly eating and relaxing (don’t judge), but I was also able to sneak in a great session in uptown Charlotte, NC with one of my favorite families.  I’ve worked with the Jacksons for a couple of years now and it’s been so great watching little KJ grow up right before my lens.  I’ve always wanted to shoot a session near uptown Charlotte with the beautiful city as my backdrop so when they suggested this location for their session I was elated!  The weather was gorgeous (and unseasonably warm for late November) and thankfully the area wasn’t too crowded with holiday shoppers.  The family arrived looking stunning from head to toe!  I mean, seriously something out of a beautiful holiday magazine ad.  It’s always fun when my families come prepared and ready to rock their sessions.  I love casual attire for sessions, but every once in a while you have to get a bit more dolled up and make your session stand out from the rest.

Every year little KJ’s personality is a little different than the year before and we we get to see new sides to her.  This year she was definitely playful!  She was more interested in running around in the park than in anything I had going on with my camera, but her playful attitude allowed us to catch some great, genuine laughs and smiles from both her and mom and dad.  And once Minnie Mouse made her appearance KJ had fun directing the shoot and giving me some great moments with her having a tea party with Minnie as well as some adorable moments with her playing mom to Minnie.  Having clients that you can call friends and that allow you to become a part of their family by capturing their memories through film is such a blessing that I’m grateful for daily.


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