Jamila S. Branding Session | Uptown Charlotte, NC

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Jamila S. Branding Session | Uptown Charlotte, NC

The power of the internet is truly amazing! I know over the course of the last year or so, many parts of the internet have received a bad rap.  And rightfully so, but I’m still amazed at the power it has to connect you to people the world over.  The internet is able to put you face to face with someone you may otherwise never have had the chance to meet. That’s how this session with Jamila came to be. She and I connected via a local Facebook group and would see posts and responses from one another, but had never met prior to her signing up for my $100 Headshot Session this past January.  And it’s always fun for me to connect with someone I’ve met online.


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We met on a chilly winter morning in one of my favorite places to shoot, Uptown Charlotte, NC. I love the tall skyscrapers and the buzzing of all of the people headed to their various destinations. It’s the perfect backdrop for a fun branding/headshot session. Jamila is the organizer of a group known as Creative Women of HR. It is a professional and social community for women that work in Human Resources or those aspiring to work in Human Resources in the Charlotte area. They meet regularly for networking events, development, learning and so much more. This community helps women in the same profession to network with a purpose, socialize as well as building friendships. If you or someone you know may be interested in joining Creative Women of HR or learning more about them you can find them on Instagram and on Meet Up.  And if you’re in need of updated headshots or branding images then I’d love to chat with you!  Contact me today so we can begin preparing for your session.


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