South Carolina Snowpocalypse 2018

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South Carolina Snowpocalypse 2018

If you live down South or know anyone who does then you know the minute there’s even a mention of snow the streets shut down, grocery store shelves clear out and school is officially canceled.  It’s basically a Snowpocalypse. Yeah, we go a little overboard here, but I honestly wouldn’t trade it for the world because it usually gets me at least a day out of work. So when we received snow back in January I definitely took advantage of the weather. My nephew was home from daycare so he spent the day with his Auntie Denise and once his mom, my sister, got off work we decided to do a quick shoot out in the snow.


family portraits

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Now typically when it snows here we’re good to get a full inch of the white, powdery stuff, but since this was a slow moving system it snowed all morning into the afternoon so it gave us a couple of inches to play with and photograph in. My nephew instantly fell in the love it! He had zero interest in being photographed and was all about getting his mittens in the snow to see what this new substance was.  As we walked through the snow, into the sitting area of my neighborhood and having a mini snowball fight he became more and more fascinated.  Seeing something new through a child’s eye is a magical moment, especially as an adult and not finding the same wonder in it that they do.  After about 10 minutes we decided to wrap things up and bring him inside and he was NOT a happy camper. We’ll definitely be storing those tantrum photos away to show him when he’s older. If you’d like to see more from this session then hop on over to Black Southern Belle where they featured this impromptu session!


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