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Meet The Artist | Denise Benson Photography

So I have this little corner of the web that I use to share my work and the occasional bits and pieces of my life with my audience.  For those of you that have been here since the beginning you probably feel like you know me fairly well at this point.  But there are parts of me that you won’t know unless you’re a part of my inner circle or at least connected to me on my various social media platforms (sometimes I overshare there).

Recently I came across a Meet The Artist rendering on a Facebook group  that I’m a part of known as The Rising Tide Society.  Every couple of days or so I would see a new one pop up by a creative entrepreneur and I absolutely LOVED the idea of it.  In a nutshell a MTA drawing is an illustration of an artist (photographer, designer, baker, etc) and it tells the details of their life.  This can include what they wear on a regular basis, how they creatively express themselves and things they do/do not like.  The illustrations come in all forms ranging from doodles to anime to fashion sketches.  I decided I wanted one for myself.  It would be a fun way to share a piece of myself with my audience without having to share an actual photograph of myself.  This is where Rabbit Rabbit Studio came into play.

I’ve always loved fashion, even doing a little sketching myself WAY back in the day.  I come from a fashion background with attending the University of South Carolina’s fashion merchandising/retail program and interning with Essence Magazine in their fashion department.  Even though I’ve strayed from that lifestyle, it’s still a huge part of who I am.  Emily of Rabbit Rabbit Studio was also interested in creating MTA renderings and so she posted on The Rising Tide Society’s Facebook group and that’s where we connected.  I love her fashion sketches and I felt like her style just meshed with my own.  She asked me to send in a couple of photographs of myself along with my likes, dislikes and what I’d like to include in my illustration and the rest is history!  I absolutely LOVE the outcome.  I even had it printed and framed for my office which is where it currently hangs.  It’s also my office computer screensaver as well as my phone’s current screensaver.  Yeah, I’m a bit obsessed, lol.  If you think you’d might be interested in your very own Meet The Artist drawing then definitely reach out to her and if you’re not I still encourage you to Google it.  Going through and seeing all of the talented works of art is definitely a fun way to spend some time.


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